Radisson Hotel Richmond

by The Gladstones Family
(Seattle USA)

Wow! The Radisson was just amazing. I'd for sure go back anyway, any time. Me and my family had so much fun when we went, it was crazy!

First of all, the hotel itself was great. It's beautiful from the outside, and even more so on the inside. The rooms are great and they are a pretty decent size.

Me and my family of 4 had no problem all fitting. Everything about the rooms was just perfect. Some of the best we've stayed in actually!

Now on to the pool...It was amazing! Huge and it was heated too, which was pretty nice! Our two kids spend over 50% of their time at the pool. They just loved it!

There was also a fitness center and spa available for anyone who wanted it. So, pretty much me and my family loved the Radisson.

It was so much fun for me, my husband, and the kids, that I think we'd all go back there any time!

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