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Flights to Vancouver

By Darrin Robertson, VTT Editor - Updated: January 17, 2023

Airplane flying over Vancouver!

If you’re wondering how to get to Vancouver by air, you’ll like this comprehensive look at flying to Vancouver from major airports all over the world.

We include major Canadian airlines like Air Canada and Westjet. Also, low-fare US airlines with flights to YVR, including Alaska Airlines, Frontier and US Airways. And international carriers such as United, American, Qantas and British Airways.

As you can imagine, there are many different airlines with flights to Vancouver International Airport (3 letter code: YVR). So keep checking back, as we are quickly expanding this section to include many different air routes to YVR.

Starting below, we report on the cheapest air travel to Vancouver, and the best online booking sites for reservations. Plus, little extras like what you'll see on your flight here to the West Coast. Have a good trip!

Airfares & Flights to Vancouver from Cities in Canada

Aircraft Landing in Vancouver,BC

Cheap Fares to Vancouver:

Air Canada Seat Sales

Air Canada is the largest Airline in Canada, there are better times in the day and year to book a flight to Vancouver and get their Seat Sale Specials see our section on Air Canada Seat Sales before you book your tickets.

WestJet Seat Sales

Flying to Vancouver and want to save money and still fly in style then check out our WestJet Seat sales page today.

Cheap Fares to Vancouver:

Flights from Toronto to Vancouver

This flight takes 4 hours and 30 minutes, while flying to Vancouver you have the opportunity to see the prairies and the beautiful Rockie Mountains.

Flights from Calgary to Vancouver

This is a quick flight that takes only an hour and a half, enjoy seeing the Rockies Mountains and coming to the West Coast.

Flights from Edmonton to Vancouver

Edmonton can be cold in the winter so many travelers take the 1 hour and 30 minute flight to Vancouver to get away from the Cold Winters of Edmonton and see the warm but rainy winters of Vancouver.

Flights from Montreal to Vancouver

This is one of the longest flights in Canada to get to Vancouver 5 hours and 30 minutes. Travelers from Montreal will enjoy all the Beauty of Ontario and the Prairies.

Flights from Victoria to Vancouver

This is the shortest flight in Canada to Vancouver just under 30 minutes not much time to do anything but sit back and wait to land.

Flights from Kelowna to Vancouver

Air travel to Vancouver from Kelowna is 50 minutes the cost for this flight is fairly low and worth taking especially in the winter time.

Flights & Airfares to Vancouver from the USA

Flights from New York to Vancouver

Leaving the Big Apple for the Beautiful BC takes a long time, the flight time is 5 hours and 55 minutes, bring lots to read and charge up your kids batteries for their games as this is a very long flight.

Flights from Los Angeles to Vancouver

There are many daily flights from Los Angeles to Vancouver giving you many options when to leave on this 2 hours and 50 minute flight to Vancouver.

Flights from Chicago to Vancouver

To get to Vancouver from Chicago you will need to take a connecting flight, if you fly with United Airlines they have a direct non-stop flight to Vancouver saving you time.

International Flights & Air Tickets to Vancouver

Flights from Sydney to Vancouver

Air travel to Vancouver from Sydney is 15 hours long so get comfortable it's going to be a long flight, Air Canada has the fastest way to get to Vancouver with its non-stop flights.

Flights from London to Vancouver

Non-Stop Flights to Vancouver

If you are travelling from the USA, Aisa, Europe or inside Canada and are looking for the fastest flights to Vancouver, here is a quick overview of available non-stop direct flights to Vancouver Canada.

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