Guide for Travel from Vancouver to Seattle - Public Transportation and Driving Directions

Plan your trip from Vancouver to Seattle easily with money saving tips on travel and Seattle Airport Parking Coupons

Vancouver to Seattle

By Darrin Robertson, VTT Editor - Updated: January 17, 2023

Seattle Washington is located only a few hours away from Vancouver BC, there are many Attractions in Seattle for visitors to see and do even if they only have a few hours or days to spend in Seattle.  We have money saving tips to help residence and visitors to Vancouver, one way is by flying out of Seattle International Airport. It is much cheaper than flying out of Vancouver International Airport.

 A group of four on average can save over $300.00 on a round trip from Seattle to many US destinations.  Driving to Seattle then parking at Seattle Airport may take some time but you can save a lot of money.

Seattle Airport Parking

Where is the parking garage located? Where is the Terminal Direct parking? Is there a Cel Phone Lot? and other parking questions. Here you can save time and money with Seattle Airport Parking Coupons and Airport Parking Information.

Driving Directions from Vancouver to Seattle Washington

Distance to Seattle Washington from Vancouver BC is 227 km, it takes 2 ½ to 3 hours depending on the border traffic to drive to Seattle from Vancouver.

Take Granville St South to Park Road and Turn left then turn right on Oak St South this will turn into Highway 99 South.

Continue on Highway 99 south till you get to the Canada US border.

After exiting the border take I-5 South all the way to Seattle.

Public Transportation to Seattle from Vancouver

Public Transportation time is 4 ½ hours

Walk to Granville Skytrain and take 999 Expo Skytrain to Main Skytrain Station.

Exit skytrain and go to Vancouver Pacific Central Station and take Amtrak Cascades 517 to Seattle WA.

Train arrive at 303 South Jackson Street, the King Street Station in Seattle WA.

Visit Amtrak for more information on pricing and schedule.

For travelers arriving at Vancouver International Airport and are planning to continuing on to Seattle, see our detailed page on information on Shuttle Service from YVR Airport to Seattle.

Travelling to Bellingham WA or BLI Airport

See our page on Travel Information on how to get from Vancouver to Bellingham, by Driving, Airport Shuttle and Public Transportation.

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