Richmond BC Photos

Richmond Pictures showing you the many things to do there.

Richmond BC Photos

By Darrin Robertson, VTT Editor - Updated: January 17, 2023

Richmond BC Photos page will be updated with the many places to see in Richmond, from the Docks of Steveston to the Famous Night Markets of Summer these photos will help you see the beauty of Richmond as we see it. 

Steveston Docks

Steveston Docks stores and restaurants of Richmond BC

You can visit the many stores and places to eat in Richmonds, Steveston Village, many are located on the Docks.

Boardwalk near the Fraser River

Boardwalk in Steveston Richmond BC

Jog or just go for a stroll and enjoy the beautiful view on the Boardwalk in Steveston.

Docked Fishing Boats

  Docked Fishing boats in Steveston Richmond BC

Fresh seafood can be bought right of the dock from the many fishing boats docked here.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Richmond BC

Visit the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and see what fishing was like long ago.

Fraser River Docks

Pier In Steveston Richmond BC

Enjoy and experience the beautiful Fraser River from the Wharf.

Richmond Sunset

Sunset In Steveston Richmond BC

Another picture of a Richmond BC Sunset.

Steveston Sunset in Richmond BC

Beautiful Sunset on the water in Richmond BC

Beautiful Sunset on the water.

Sunset off the Water

Sunset, mountains and the ocean view

Sunset in Richmond BC with the mountains and the ocean view.

More about Richmond BC

There is so much more to see and do in Richmond BC, visit our detailed page on Richmond

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