Travelodge YVR

by Patrica A

Our Weekend at the Travelodge Hotel. I had stayed at the Travelodge Hotel over the weekend with my family, and we had a blast! Me, my mom, and my sister had a girls weekend, and we needed a place to get away to, so we decided to stay at the Travelodge.

It was alot of fun, because not only was it near the airport, but it was super close to two malls, and the skytrain, so we could easily get down to the main city at anytime! It was great, and we got alot of shopping done!

Aside from the location, the hotel was also pretty nice. The rooms were a good size, and the pool and hot tub were great too, along with the food.

Overall, the Travelodge Hotel was pretty great! I'd stay there again for sure.

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