Step By Step Guide to finding the Vancouver Airport Car Rental Agencies

One of the Best ways to get around Vancouver is by car. Vancouver airport car rental agencies is a convenient place to rent a car.

Car Rental at Vancouver Airport

By Darrin Robertson, VTT Editor - Updated: January 17, 2023

YVR car rental

Renting a car at Vancouver Airport!

A step by step guide to finding the YVR Rental Car Desks. (All YVR Rental Car Desks are located underneath the pay parking garage.)

Information about YVR Car Rentals and Vancouver Driving Laws

International Flights - After customs, exit out the glass doors into the main international arrivals area, walk out of the main doors, walk across the road turn right,

 follow the path (under the new skytrain platform) which curves to the left and will take you directly into the car rental area.

Domestic Flights - From the arrivals level take the escalator down to level 1, walk by the 7-eleven convenience store and out the doors, cross the road and take the steps down into the car rental area.

Vancouver Driving Laws

  • Seat Belts - When driving in Vancouver the law is that you must wear a seat belt, or face a fine of $170.00 per person without a seat belt on.
no handheld devices
  •  Handheld Devices - No handheld devices (Cel phones Pda Ect.) are to be used while driving, the fine for using a hand held device while driving is $167.00
  • Driving Tips - The best thing to have is a device that can be attached to the car stereo or GPS so that you can use your devices hands free, enabling you to drive safer and avoid the costly fine.
  • Speed limit - In Canada the speed limit is posted in KM/H (Kilo-Meters Per Hour) not MPH (Miles Per Hour) The posted speed limit on most Vancouver roads is 50 KM/H (or 30 MPH). Watch your speed or face Heavy fines for speeding in Vancouver.

Information about Vancouver Airport car rental companies

  • When is the best time of the week to rent a car - Most car rental companies give you a better rate when you rent Monday to Friday.
  • Is it better to rent for 7 days to get a Better Deal - When booking a car at the Vancouver airport car rental desk, 7 days is the better way to go. Here are some price comparisons for renting a compact car for 5 days $218.00, 6 days $223.00 and 7 days $243.00. Book with one of the Companies below to get the Best Deal at YVR Car Rental. Budget - Avis - Thrifty - Dollar
  • One way car rentals - What is a one way car rental? Getting a car from YVR car rental then returning it to a different location. What does it cost? Prices will vary be sure to check with your car rental company for exact details.

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