Kids Market on Granville Island

by Cory
(Houston Texas)

Rain or shine, take the kids to Kids Market on Granville Island. It's rated the best toy store in Vancouver.

On hot days, bring a swimsuit and a towel and frolic for free in BC's biggest water park, check out the pond and feed the ducks or spot the turtles basking on the rocks.

The Kids Market is a 100 year old building with everything from costumes to candy, they also supply free crafts frequently throughout the year, and there's a colouring station upstairs most days.

If you're hungry there's good food and lots of chairs to relax. They are so welcoming and understanding if the kids get noisy. It's really a kid friendly 'must see' destination for families visiting Vancouver.

If you want to take a gift home for your children you will find it there for sure.

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