Science World Photos

Science World Pictures, Photos of the Outside and Inside of the Building.

Science World Photos

By Darrin Robertson, VTT Editor - Updated: January 17, 2023

This iconic and unique building was built for the 1986 Worlds Expo and today is now home to Science World.  Young or old will enjoy spending the day at Science World as there are ever changing exhibits.

City View of Science World

Outside view of Science World

This is the View of Science World from the Harbor in Vancouver.  This is a one of a kind building that people of Vancouver have enjoyed for over 25 years.

Interactive display

Interactive display at Science World

With the many interactive display through the building visitor's interest are kept high with the hands on appeal of Science World.


T-REX at Science World

Many of us have only seen this dinosaur in the movies but now you can stand beside this beast of the past. This life size exhibit helps you realize how big and ferocious this dinosaur was with its massive body and huge teeth.


Pterodactyl at Science World

This flying creature once soared the skis looking for food now we have the opportunity to see up-close this flying creature of the past.

Cougar and Pheasant

Cougar and Pheasant at Science World

There are even modern animal displays for kids of all ages to see up-close like this Pheasant and Cougar.

Photo Display

Art and garbage at Science World

Here we have a display that shows use what kind of things wash-up on the beach every day, this makes us think about not throwing thing carelessly away. We hoped you enjoyed these Science World Photos.

More Information On Science World

Visit our Detailed page on Science World for shows, parking and other interesting things to see.

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