How to Get from Vancouver Airport to the Ferry to Victoria or Nanaimo on Public Transit

Vancouver Airport to the ferry: How to Take the Skytrain & Public Transit Bus from YVR Airport to the Ferry to Victoria & Nanaimo BC on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Airport to Ferry

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By Darrin Robertson, VTT Editor - Updated: January 17, 2023

Going from YVR to the Ferry to Victoria or Nanaimo BC by public transit bus and Skytrain is quite easy! Just follow this step-by-step guide. This is the cheapest way of getting from the airport to the ferry.  If you want a more convenient way that is slightly more expensive, consider the PCL bus from Vancouver to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal.

Important: Travel time can change due to traffic from Vancouver Airport to the Ferry Terminal also you must use a busy tunnel to the terminal so Please give yourself at least 90 minutes from the time you arrive at Vancouver Airport until the time you board the ferry to Victoria or Nanaimo. 

Step 1: Ride the Skytrain from YVR Airport Station to Bridgeport Station

Once you collect any luggage you have, leave the baggage claim and proceed up the escalator (or ramp) to Level 3. Walk to the Link Building (located between the domestic and International terminals). Look for the signs that say "Canada Line" and proceed up the escalators or elevator to the Skytrain Station.

For more info on Vancouver Airport to the ferry, boarding the Skytrain at YVR, see our new updated page on riding the Skytrain at Vancouver Airport.

Next, purchase a ticket from the machines for a 1-Zone trip from YVR to the Tsawwassen Ferry. The price for the trip is $7.75 ($2.75 + YVR AddFare of $5)

Skytrain at YVR Vancouver Airport

New YVR Skytrain!

The Skytrain departs YVR Airport Station every 4 or 5 minutes, and it makes 2 stops before arriving in Richmond at the Bridgeport Station. And don't worry, all Skytrains departing YVR are scheduled to stop at Bridgeport Station.

Step 2: Transfer to Bus 620 at Bridgeport Station

Bus to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal!

Bus 620 to Tsawwassen Ferry terminal

Get off the Skytrain when it arrives at Bridgeport Station. You'll recognize it by the signs saying "Bridgeport Station" as you arrive.

Bridepoint Station is a connecting point for Public transit buses going to all sorts of different destinations in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. You want to get off the Skytrain here, then proceed downstairs and outside to the bus loop, where you will be getting on Bus No. 620. This bus will take you to the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal where you can board the ferries to either Victoria or Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

The pick-up point for Bus no. 620 to Tsawwassen is at Bay 4.

The No. 620 Bus operates from 5:55 AM to 10:03 PM daily. When it arrives (one approximately every 60 minutes), board this bus. And no need to pay again, just show the bus driver your ticket, the fare you paid to get on the Skytrain at the Vancouver airport to the ferry is enough to get you all the way to Tsawwassen. Again, before travelling, please check for schedule and price updates.

The trip from Bridgeport Station to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal takes about 45 minutes. You will get off the bus at it's final stop in front of the BC Ferries Departure Terminal in Tsawwassen. Proceed to the Ferry ticket booth, it is only a short walk from the bus stop. To print out these directions click on the PRINT Button at the top of the page to save these directions.

Reverse: Ferry to the Airport

If you're travelling the other way and would like to get from the Victoria Ferry to YVR, read our easy-to-follow steps for riding the Bus from Tsawwassen to Vancouver Airport. The information on this page includes: Prices, times and directions.

For More Info on Vancouver Airport to the ferry: - This is the official website for Vancouver International Airport - Translink is the official site for all public transportation in the Vancouver area, for complete information and planning tools for bus and Skytrain travel. - BC Ferries schedules, fares and reservations for BC Ferry services.

Disclaimer - Please Note: This page is a general guide only - it is not part of the official BC Ferry, Translink or YVR websites. Vancouver Travel accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. Schedules, prices and information frequently change, so please be sure to check, and for updated information before starting your travel.

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