Getting from Tsawwassen to Vancouver Airport by Public Transit Bus

Tsawwassen to Vancouver Airport by Bus: Get from the BC Ferry to the Airport, with this updated 2020 Guide to Schedules, Cost, & Transfers for Ferry Terminal to YVR Travel by Bus & Skytrain

Tsawwassen to YVR Airport

By Darrin Robertson, VTT Editor - Updated: January 17, 2023

Tsawwassen to Vancouver Airport Bus

Bus leaving Tsawwassen on it's way to Vancouver Airport!

Many people travelling by ferry to Vancouver ask: How do I get from the Victoria-Vancouver ferry terminal to Vancouver Airport (YVR)?

If you're sailing on BC ferries from Vancouver Island to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, here's what you need to know to quickly find and ride the ferry terminal bus and connecting Skytrain service to Vancouver Airport.

Tsawwassen to Vancouver Airport Step 1: Travel on Bus # 620

This bus travels from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal to Bridgeport Station, which is the transfer point for the connecting Skytrain into Vancouver Airport.

The #620 bus stop is easy to find – just outside from the arrivals building at the ferry terminal.

(This Translink bus price & schedule info was last updated Jan 2, 2020, and is subject to seasonal changes, holidays, etc):

Schedule:The Tsawwassen – Bridgeport Station schedule is frequent because of the many Nanaimo and Victoria ferry arrivals at the terminal.

The first departure is usually around 7:00 AM. From that point on there is normally a bus departing every 60 minutes (on the hour) until about 11 PM. Once again, schedules and price can change frequently, so please check before travelling.

Cost & Ticket Purchase: You can buy a ticket right on the bus, and the fare is $4.00 for adults ($2.75 for children, seniors and for travel on evenings & weekends). Keep the ticket once you get it - you’ll need it again when you transfer to the Skytrain at Bridgeport Station.

Travel Time: from Tsawwassen ferry terminal to Bridgeport Station by bus usually takes about 40 minutes, depending on traffic, road conditions, etc.

Route: The bus travels on Highway 17 from the ferry terminal to Ladner Exchange bus station. From there it travels on Highway 99 into Richmond and stops at Bridgeport Station, a transit connecting point for bus and Skytrain services.

Hotels: Does the bus travel/stop close to any hotels?

  • Yes, the River Rock Hotel & Casino are located just a short covered walkway away from the Bridgeport Bus & Skytrain Station. This is a newer & very popular resort/entertainment complex.
  • There is also a stop in Richmond close to the corner of Bridgeport Rd & St. Edwards Drive (make sure to pull the stop cord and/or tell the driver), which is within walking distance to the Sandman and Travelodge hotels across the street. The Holiday Inn Express and Best Western Abercorn Inn are a bit further (5 minute walk west near Costco). See here for more information on Hotels near
    YVR Airport.

Tsawwassen to Vancouver Airport Step 2: Get off at Bridgeport Station

Bridgeport Station Bus Loop & Skytrain Station

Entering Bridgeport Station on our way to Vancouver Airport!

Bridgeport Station - Transfer Here Between Bus and YVR Airport Skytrain.
This is a transit hub just in front of the River Rock hotel & Casino, and about 3 kms from YVR Airport. The station is oval shaped and everything is well marked and very easy to find.

Tsawwassen to Vancouver Airport Step 3: Transfer to Canada Line Skytrain to YVR

Once you're off the bus, it’s a short walk upstairs here (elevators are available) to the Skytrain platform. You want the southbound side, the platform with the sign "Canada Line to YVR". Don't forget: the ticket you purchased at the ferry terminal is good for the Skytrain too, so no need to buy another one.

The Skytrain is a monorail-type train service to YVR that departs every few minutes throughout the day and evening. Travel time is about 5 minutes only, and it makes just two short stops before arriving at Vancouver International Airport, Level 3 – Departures.

Return Trip - Airport to Ferry Terminal:

If you're at Vancouver International Airport and you'd like detailed directions on taking the Skytrain and public transit bus to the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen, you'll find everything you need to know at our page on taking the bus from Vancouver Airport to the ferry.

Tsawwassen to Vancouver Airport FAQ:

Can I take luggage on the Skytrain & bus from the ferry to the airport?

Yes, of course. But you must keep the aisle clear on the bus.

Is there accommodation near the ferry terminal?

There is no overnight camping at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. The closest campground and RV park is the Park Canada Tsawwassen RV Park and Campground, about 3 km from the ferries. (1-877-943-0685) The closest accommodation to the Ferry terminal is the Coast Tsawwassen Inn, one of the best hotels in Delta, B.C. and just a 5 minute drive away.

What do you recommend for staying overnight at YVR Airport?

  • Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Airport - excellent hotel right inside Vancouver Airport, and the best place to stay at YVR.
  • If you are on a tighter budget, check rates at other cheaper accommodation for Hotels near YVR Airport

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